LDA Audio Tech NEO 8060

LDA NEO 8060 is a compact EN 54-16 certified PA/VA system that ensures a ensures a fast, safe and controlled emergency evacuation. NEO represents a cost-effective voice evacuation and public address system due to its cutting-edge features, excellent audio quality and flexibility in just 2U: 8 class D amplifiers, 5 audio inputs, 7×8 audio matrix (39×1024 digital), touch screen, Cobranet audio, etc. With the NEO-Configurator software (included), it is possible to configure the equipment remotely and create events to perform actions in the system triggered by conditions of: input level, date&time, UDP command, a GPIO or button from MPS microphone.

Last modified: April 24th, 2019

General features

  • 5 audio inputs.
  • 8 class D amplifiers for 100V/70V lines, with 120W per channel.
  • Audio Matrix 7×8 (digital up to 39×2014).
  • 8 pre-amp outputs for external PA amplifiers connection.
  • Up to 8 multi-zone microphones MPS-8Z or VAP-1 panels connected with CAT5 UTP cable.
  • DSP: 7-band input/output Parametric Equalizer, loudness, LDA sound enhancer, independent volume control per each I/0 channel and audio filters.
  • Triple Ethernet port: for Digital Audio Cobranet, remote control and supervision, and for escalating the system with NEO-Extensions in daisy-chain mode with Flexnet techlogy (up to 1024 zones).
  • 4,3” Frontal touch screen with access control.
  • 4GB of internal memory for pre-recorded messages.
  • Integrated emergency microphone.
  • Control for up to 32 attenuators LDA AT6.
  • Integrated frontal loudspeaker for monitoring.
  • 22 GPIO ports (8 supervised for integration with Fire
    Alarm Control Panel).

Voice Alarm/Emergency Features

  • Certified with EN 54-16 and EN 60849.
  • Detection and indication of failure in all emergency functions.
  • Integration with Fire Alarm Control Panels.
  • Pre-recorded evacuation messages.
  • Phased evacuation.
  • Manual control of emergency states with access control.
  • Recording output in emergency state.
  • Emergency Log.
  • Loudspeaker line supervision.
  • A+B connection (16 lines).
  • Back up amplifier conection: 7+1 (120W channels).