Cloud Electronics CXA450

  • 4 channel, 4 x 50W
  • Optional modules for remote level control of any channel, VCA-5
  • Optional equaliser modules for Boseloudspeakers can be fitted to any channel
  • Optional is a 4 x 40W 70V/100V internal module (CXL-4160)
  • Optional external 40W 70V/100V line transformer module available (CXL-40T)
  • Input routing operations simplify terminations when some channels share a signal
  • Comprehensive protection circuitry including dynamic clip protection
  • LED indicators for signal, clip and protect
  • Forced cooling vari-speed DC fan
  • CXL-40T 40 Watt Torodial Transformer
  • CXL-4160 4×40 Watt Transformer
  • CXL-800 Rack Mounting Housing
  • Bose EQ Module
  • RL-1 Remote Level Control
  • VCA-5 Single Channel VCA Card
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