Cloud Electronics VMA120

The Cloud VMA120 is an cost-effective mixer-amplifiers for use in all types of commercial premises. It has been designed to be as simple to install and operate as possible, but offers a useful range of features and configuration options. The units are mono power amplifiers combined with a simple mixer stage. The output may be used to drive either low-impedance loudspeakers directly (4 ohms minimum) or 25/70/100 V-line loudspeaker distribution systems.

Last modified: June 26th, 2020

• Power output: 120 W/channel
• Outputs suitable for either low-impedance (min. 4 ohm) or 25/70/100 V-line systems
• Four stereo unbalanced line inputs (3 x RCA jack pairs, 1 x 3.5 mm TRS jack on front panel)
• Rear panel line inputs have individual gain controls
• Two balanced mic inputs (1 x multipin connector, 1 x ¼” TRS jack), with individual preset gain controls
• Front panel controls for mic and music levels, line input selection, mic EQ, master level and EQ
• Mic input mute switches on front panel
• Line 1 priority, enabled by front panel switch
• Mic-over-music priority, enabled by front panel switch
• 15 V phantom power available at either mic input
• 100 Hz high-pass filter on each mic input
• 70 Hz high-pass filter in output stage, for use with 5/70/100 V-line systems
• Fixed limiter – prevents clipping
• Front panel LED bargraph – indicates output signal level
• Over-temperature and output DC protection
• 230 V or 115 V operation
• Forced-air cooling