The smartSMS-NET controllers are equipped with an automatic masking volume adjustment system. The SMS-SEN active volume control sensor is used to adjust the masking sound volume based on the ambient noise activity level. This adjustment is possible due to an advanced signal processing technique that can precisely distinguish the activity in the room from the sound masking. This distinction is essential to achieve a stable and accurate control of the sound masking volume. The best location to put the active sound masking volume control sensor is in the acoustic tile. Sensors must be installed, if possible, in a central position to catch most of the noise in the zone. The active sound masking volume control sensors should be installed at least 3 feet away from any ventilation air outlet. The air coming out of the air outlet can cause turbulence on the sensor’s membrane and distort the measurements.

The SMS-SEN sensors are installed in a 9.5 mm (3/8″) hole through the ceiling tile. In the case of an open ceiling, it can be attached directly to the structure. Typically one sensor covers 1,000 sqft and up to 6 sensors can be connected to 1 active control input of a smartSMS-NET controller unit.

Last modified: April 24th, 2019


Sensitivity70 mV/Pa
Frequency Range20 Hz – 20 kHz*
Mounting3/8” Hole in ceiling tile
Recommended WiringRG-59