Procab RZ07

The RZ series cables are parallel designed loudspeaker cables with a maximum flexibility and strength.
They are mostly used for indoor applications. Each conductor is fitted with a highly flexible jacket of PVC.
The two parallel conductors are available in black, white or gray and one of the two has a thin line to identify the polarity.
The RZ series cables are “all-round” loudspeaker cables suited for all kinds of applications on loudspeaker level.


  • 18 AWG thin and dense stranded conductors
  • Parallel & separable wires
  • Color coded polarity identification

Available now:

  • RZ07/1B – 100m, red/black
  • RZ07/1W – 100m, white
  • RZ07/5B – 500m, red/black
  • RZ07/5G – 500m, grey
  • RZ07/5W – 500m, white
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