Orbis Data Micro

  • Daily, weekly or second programmings.
  • Connection port for programming through BLUETOOTH DONGLE.
  • Installation on DIN rail, two modules wide.
  • Easy programming guided by text menus in different languages.
  • Up to 40 daily or weekly programs.
  • Large back-lit display with contrast adjustment.
  • 4 annual periods for special programming.
  • Able to program cycles from hours, minutes and seconds and pulses from 1 second.
  • Manual activation or deactivation, temporary or permanent.
  • Automatic daylight savings changes according to country or desactivate.
  • Contacts’ operation hours meter.
  • Keyboard blocking using password.
  • Replaceable reserve battery of up to 4 years.
  • Accessories: BLUETOOTH DONGLE (OB709971), surface box 2 modules (OB140601).
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