Baldwin Boxall Omnicare Outstation

All disabled refuge units are designed to provide two-way hands free communication between the occupier of a disabled refuge area and the person (or persons) operating the ‘control panel’.
They are designed for use in an emergency when the evacuation of a building is required – such as during a fire.
More information about disabled refuge systems can be found here.
Disabled refuge outstations for the OmniCare range come in a choice of styles – standard or Advance.
Outstations (also known as ‘remotes’) on the OmniCare system are wired in a loop configuration.

To avoid hoax calls, the disabled refuge remotes are ‘in standby’ until the master panel is triggered by the fire panel during an emergency.
However, the remotes can be set to be permanently active if this is preferred.
Please note that for systems used for ‘fire fighting’ that fire rated enhanced four-core cable should be used
(exceptions exist, please refer to BS5839-9:2011 for full details or download our ‘Relevant Standards Summary‘ document).

Last modified: April 18th, 2019

Standard style remote

  • Green (BVOCECPG) or stainless steel (BVOCECPS) finish
  • Surface mountable (optional flush mount bezel available)
  • Speech steered, digital audio
  • Plasterboard backbox available
  • IP65 rated enclosure available (BVCRIPBG)
  • Reset at either master panel or remote

Advance disabled refuge remote

  • Green (BVOCA2G) or stainless steel (BVOCA2S) finish
  • Induction loop, Braille, tactile and luminescent text
  • Surface mounting unit, or flush mount with bezel (available separately)
  • Speech steered, digital audio
  • Reset at either master panel or remote