Cloud Electronics MPA-120MK2

  • Super compact design with very low power consumption
  • Six (unbalanced) stereo line inputs with individual sensitivity adjustment
  • Two balanced mic inputs – 12 V phantom power available on either or both• Separate HF/LF EQ adjustments for mic and music source
  • Paging control on Mic 1 input via short-to-ground access connection• Mic 1 configurable as high-voltage input for paging from existing 70/100 V-line system
  • Selectable VOX mic-over-music priority on all mic Inputs
  • Automatic Mic 1-over-Mic 2 priority in Page mode
  • Selectable LINE 6 priority with choice of release times
  • Selectable pre-announcement chime
  • Music Mute
  • Facility Port supports BT-1 Bluetooth and/or LM-2 Active Input Plates
  • Compatible with standard Cloud remotes RL-1 &RSL-6 Series
  • Power amplifier protection circuitry & input limiter
  • Transformerless output stage 70/100 V-line systems directly, or low impedance loudspeakers (4/8 ohms)
  • Aux output from pre-amp (balanced, line level)
  • Automatic power-down function (user-selectable)
  • ENERGY STAR Certification applied for
  • Convection cooled (MPA120MK2); forced-air cooling with variable speed control (MPA240MK2)
  • 1U 19” rack mounting unit
Last modified: October 24th, 2019

The Cloud MPA Series is world-class; premium integrated Mixer Amplifier which provides a complete audio solution for Houses of Worship, retail outlets, hotels, licensed premises and other spaces where music, announcements and/or flexible paging are required. It combines the functions of a two-channel microphone mixer with full paging facilities, a six-input music source selector and a mono power amplifier in a single compact 1U unit.