Soft DB ML48-8ch

  • 8 output channels
  • Up to 6 speakers per channel
  • Independent equalizer for each channel: 340 narrow bands automatic equalizer; 1/3rd octave bands automatic or manual equalizer
  • High-power amplifier providing 92 dBA at 1m
  • Up to 8 inputs for active volume control sensors
  • 4 music and paging inputs with independent 1/3rd octave equalizers for each output channel
  • 2 inputs for wall mounted volume control knobs
  • Simple and highly versatile without compromising sound masking performance and quality.
  • Many controller units can be networked together to construct large sound masking projects.
  • Adaptive volume adjustment for optimal efficiency and comfort (US Patent 8116 461)
  • Automatic equalization that guarantees the optimum sound masking spectra (US Patent 7460675)
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