Senrun EP 810

  • 4 Ω/10” woofer
  • 8 Ω/1” tweeter
  • 2 way speaker system
  • Class D amplifier
  • Up to 4 true diversity UHF 16 frequency receivers(option)
  • Power saving design
  • Voice priority mode
  • Infrared remote control
  • Digital echo
  • A smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery level and charging status
  • Automatic battery charging design for 4pcs/1.2V rechargeable batteries
  • Simultaneous battery charging and discharging
  • Built-in storage compartments for 2 handheld microphone/ bodypack transmitter and remote control
  • Built with two wheels and extendable handle to transport with ease
Last modified: September 20th, 2019

EP-810 (RMS 120W output power) has a built in 10″woofer and 1″tweeter driver with 2 way speaker to provide a high quality sound effect. Four stage LED battery meter display for battery status such as accurate battery use. The clear sound, stylish look and convenience in moving is the best choice for professionals in use. Build in hidden press up handle and facilitate the design of the wheels in order to carry easier for end users.
If the built in battery is used, it continuously be used for 9 hours but it based on the voulume. If the amplifieer was used outdoors, it can be supported by external DC power. Amplifier can be used for outdoor activities, community meeting, bussiness presentation, exhibition, product promote,political rally, etc,.  (Can be used for venues of approximately 600 people .)