Cloud Electronics CVS-P42TW & CVS-P42TB

The Cloud CVS Contractor Series pendant models are specifically designed for high quality music reproduction. They are also suitable for speech and announcements and will find application in pubs and bars where a better quality of music audio is desirable. They are designed to be suspended in free space from any convenient point – from a solid ceiling or within an open ceiling structure: a complete set
of suspension components is included with each loudspeaker. Horizontal dispersion is 360°. They include a 25/70/100 V-line transformer with five power tapping’s, plus the option for low-impedance operation (8 ohms). The power setting is selected by a rotary switch on the upper surface of the enclosure. Each loudspeaker is supplied with a separate top cover which protects the connections and power selector switch from dust and debris after installation. The bottom face of the enclosure is sealed by an aluminium grille.

Last modified: June 26th, 2020

• High quality coaxial loudspeaker, optimised for music reproduction
• Pendant mounting with 360° horizontal coverage
• Full set of suspension components with each loudspeaker
• Integral multi-tap transformer for 25/70/100 V-line operation
• Power selection by rotary switch; low impedance setting included
• Removable top cover protects connections and selector switch
• Plug-in connector for easy wiring
• Optional wall mount bracket WB-P46W & WB-P46