Cloud Electronics CVS-C5TW

5¼” Ceiling Speaker, Dual Cone, Open back 8 ohm, Max 20W / 100V – 6W, 3W, 1.5W

The Cloud CVS Contractor Series is a low-cost range of quality loudspeakers for flush in-ceiling installation. Ideal for background music and announcements in general public areas and buildings where good musical reproduction and high speech intelligibility are required.

Constructed in lightweight ABS plastic with open back, infinite baffle characteristics. Connections are made via a multi-pin “Easy Connect” terminal block on a flying lead.

Last modified: June 26th, 2020

• Snap-on grille – easy to fit and remove

• Cutting template supplied

• Good musical quality and speech intelligibility

• 100 V-line – 6W, 3W or 1.5W integral multi-tap transformer

• Low impedance 16Ω – Max 20W

• Low profile back can for installation into ceiling voids with limited height

• “Easy Connect” terminal block simplifies installation