Procab CLA800

The CAB800 is fitted with two RCA male connectors on both sides and is constructed using the SIG44 cable.
The easy to handle PVC jacket is excellent for fixed indoor and mobile applications. The inner conductors are fitted with a durable shielding.
This gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables.
The SIG series cables are “all-round” signal cables which are suited for all kinds of applications where reliable signal transmission is needed.
It comes in lengths of 0.5 meters up to 20 meters, providing solutions for all applications.


  • 28 AWG thin and dense stranded conductors
  • Flexible PVC jacket
  • Spiral shielding
  • Oxygen free copper
  • 4 x 8 mm (Ø) outer diameter

Available now:

  • CLA800/0.5 – 0,5 meter
  • CLA800/1 – 1 meter
  • CLA800/1.5 – 1,5 meter
  • CLA800/3 – 3 meter
  • CLA800/5 – 5 meter
  • CLA800/10 – 10 meter
  • CLA800/15 – 15 meter
  • CLA800/20 – 20 meter
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