Caymon CASY 001

  • Dimensions 483 x 88 x 120 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight 1.480 kg
  • Construction Alu extrusion with steel side ears
  • Mounting 19” Rack mount (2HE)
  • Finish Structured powder coating
  • Colours Black (RAL9004)
  • Module Units 12 x front side & 12 x rear side
  • Assembly Pre-threaded M3 screw holes
  • Accessories Optional CASY021/B – 12 space strain relief

CASYx0x – Blind / connector hole plates
CASYx2x – XLR connector plates
CASYx3x – Audio signal connector plates
CASYx4x – Loudspeaker connector plates
CASYx5x – Video connector plates
CASYx6x – Data connector plates
CASYx8x – Power connector plates
CASYx9x – Other plates

Last modified: June 24th, 2019

Flexible structure for system integration & connectivity
• Wide variation of compatible modules available
• Stores 12 units of CASY modules on front & rear
• 19” Rack mountable (2 HE)
• 120 mm usable depth
• Pre-threaded mounting profile for easy assembly
• Aluminum extruded construction with steel side ears
• Structured and scratch resistant black powder coating

The CASY001 is a 19” rack mountable chassis which can be
fitted with 12 modules from the CASY range. The flexible and
modular structure ensures maximum versatility, allowing the
system to be adapted to project specific requirements.
Possibilities range from audio, video and data interconnection,
to power distribution, internal rack supplies and many more.
The aluminum top and bottom construction features prethreaded hole inserts allowing module installation with a
maximum of 12 units on both front and rear side. Modules can
be fixed inside the unit using the included M3 screws, while the
side ears are fitted with holes for fixation to a 19” equipment
rack. The side ears are constructed out of cold-rolled steel with
internal pillars for chassis grounding. The overall construction is
finished in a black (RAL9004) structured and scratch resistant
powder coating.