Procab CAB502

The CAB502 is a loudspeaker cable constructed using the LS25 cable and fitted with two VCL4FC 4-pin speaker female cable connectors.
The cable consists of two 2.5 mm² (13 AWG) conductors. This cable suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications.
Each conductor is fitted with a highly flexible jacket made of PVC. Both conductors are twisted with two cords, which ensures the great strength and flexibility of the cable.
The whole inner section is packed by a paper foil into a highly flexible outer jacket made of PVC. The cable comes in different lengths from 1.5 meters to 20 meters.

Available now:

  • CAB502/1.5 – 1,5 meter
  • CAB502/3 – 3 meter
  • CAB502/5 – 5 meter
  • CAB502/10 – 10 meter
  • CAB502/15 – 15 meter
  • CAB502/20 – 20 meter
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