Procab BSV104

The BSV104 is a high-quality, triple-shielded HDMI interconnection cable which meets the High Speed HDMI with Ethernet standard and supports resolutions up to 1080p. It is perfectly suited for connecting any HDMI source device to a HDMI display devices such as monitors, televisions, beamers, etc. The 100% triple shielding achieves the best performance under EMI influence, and the gold plated contacts ensure that the best possible contacts are achieved.

Last modified: April 16th, 2019


Type of cableHDMI High Speed with Ethernet
Inner conductorMaterialTC 7 x 0.1 mm (Ø) (OFC)
American Wire Gauge30 AWG
ShieldingAluminium foilAl-mylar, 100% coverage – 25% Overlap
Overall shieldingAluminium foilAl-mylar, 100% coverage – 25% Overlap
BraidingCCA 16 x 10 x 0.10 mm (Ø)
Outer jacketMaterialPVC 6 mm (Ø)