Procab BSV101

The BSV101 is a high-quality, triple-shielded HDMI interconnection cable which meets the HIGH SPEED HDMI standard and supports resolutions up to 1080p. It is perfectly suited for connecting any HDMI source device to HDMI display devices such as monitors, televisions, beamers, etc. The 100% triple shielding achieves the best performance under EMI influence, and the gold plated contacts ensure that the best possible contacts are achieved.

Last modified: April 16th, 2019


Type of cableHDMI High Speed
Inner conductorMaterialTC 7 x 0.1 mm (Ø) (OFC)
American Wire Gauge30 AWG
ShieldingAluminium foilAl-mylar, 100% coverage – 25% Overlap
Overall shieldingAluminium foilAl-mylar, 100% coverage – 25% Overlap
BraidingCCA 16 x 10 x 0.10 mm (Ø)
Inner jacketMaterialDurable PVC 6 mm (Ø)
Outer jacketMaterialPVC 6 mm (Ø)
MaterialFlexible PVC 7.6 mm (Ø)